Trainee Program

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About the Trainee Program

Ballet Hartford’s Trainee Program provides its constituents with performance opportunities and further training with the professional company and it’s affiliate school, School of Ballet Hartford. 

At the end of each season, Trainees are evaluated by Ballet Hartford’s Artistic Director and presented with one of the following opportunities:

  1. Invitation to continue with the Trainee Program
  2. Promotion to Apprentice with Ballet Hartford
  3. Release from the program and encouragement to pursue other professional dance opportunities

Trainee Program technique classes are taught by the Ballet Hartford’s Artistic Director, School of Ballet Hartford’s School Director and Guest Instructors. The weekly training schedule is identical to that of Ballet Hartford including additional technique classes with School of Ballet Hartford. Trainees will also participate in Ballet Hartford rehearsals and performances and may be asked to tour with the company. Touring and performances with Ballet Hartford are by invitation only and at the discretion of the Artistic Director. Trainees will also be given additional performance opportunities with School of Ballet Hartford. 

Audition Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age and have completed High School by September 1st of the year they will enter the program.
  • Applicants must submit a completed Application packet.
  • Prior to the start of the season, Dancers must submit completed and signed forms, all required payments and signed adherence and liability forms.

Ballet Hartford reserves the right to adjust and amend all aforementioned rules and requirements, at its discretion, in circumstances it deems unique or extraordinary

Audition Video

Please send a link via email to

Any other type of footage except for the following will not be accepted.

The audition video provides the Artistic Director of Ballet Hartford with the necessary information needed to make an informed decision regarding the applicant’s admittance. 

1. Introduction

State your name, age, and city and state you are from.

2. Ballet Technique Class

Please record barre work from the side and center work from the front


  • Plié
  • Battement Tendu
  • Battement Dégagé
  • Rond de jambe
  • Adage
  • Grand Battement


  • Center Practice: including Battement Tendu and Pirouette en-dehors
  • Adage
  • Balancé exercise with Pirouette en-dedans


  • Petite allegro with Battu
  • Medium allegro with Sissonne
  • Grand allegro with Entrelacé and grand jeté


  • Échappé with pirouette en-dehors
  • Piqué posé exercise including piqué retiré and piqué arabesque
  • Piqué turns with tours chaînés déboulés

3. Classical Variation

  • Female applicants, en pointe
  • Male applicants, standard classical ballet shoes

4. Contemporary Solo

  • Female applicants, en pointe
  • Male applicants, standard classical ballet shoes

5. Performance Reel

  • A minimum of three (3) excerpts of performance footage *Please clearly indicate the dancer auditioning. 

Calendar & Holidays

  • Trainee Program runs August 2019 -May 2020
  • Dancers observe standard holidays, including Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday), Christmas (two weeks), and Summer vacation (TBD)

Are Scholorships available?

There are potential scholarships available for dancers who meet the qualifications. Please contact us for more information.

Do Trainees pay to participate in the program?

Yes. Tuition is divided into monthly payments with a one time $50 registration fee.


  • Handel: Messiah
  • Ballet Hartford Spring Performance
  • School of Ballet Hartford  Performances
  • Ballet Hartford Trainees may be invited to tour with the professional company. (Invitations are at the discretion of the Artistic Director)
  • Trainees may have the opportunity to perform in outreach events in local schools, festivals, and nursing homes.
  • Bookings and Performances TBD

Training requirements

  • Trainees are required to adhere to the training requirements established by Ballet Hartford’s Artistic Director.

Dress Code

  • Trainees are permitted to dress for class and rehearsal as is fitting to a Professional Ballet Company.


  • Training in Classical Ballet
  • Free Workshops
  • Exposure to professional choreography
  • Performance
  • Travel
  • Potential teaching opportunities

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