Season FAQ's

Where do Ballet Hartford Dancers live?

Dancers are responsible for their own housing. Some choose to rent houses or apartments together. Our staff can assist Dancers in finding housing. Dancers are encouraged not to live alone as we believe community is important for ones wellbeing.

Do Ballet Hartford Dancers work?

Most Dancers work evenings and weekends. There are many businesses in the surrounding areas that are suitable for finding work.

Do Ballet Hartford Dancers need a car?

It is recommended that dancers have a car for ease in transportation.

What holidays does Ballet Hartford observe?

Ballet Hartford observes the following standard holidays, including Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday), Christmas (two weeks), Easter (Friday-Sunday) and Summer vacation (TBD).

Do Ballet Hartford Dancers attend college classes?

Many of Ballet Hartford’s professional dancers have already graduated from college or university. Some dancers who are pursuing higher education while dancing with Ballet Hartford choose to take night classes at local community colleges or take courses online.

Is there a dress code for Ballet Hartford Dancers?

Ballet Hartford Company Artists are permitted to dress for class and rehearsal as is fitting to a Professional Ballet Company.

Disclaimer Statement: All Ballet Hartford Dancers are asked to use careful discernment in making choices as to their attire for classes and rehearsals. Modesty is expected. All final decisions pertaining to Ballet Hartford Dancer’s attire are at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

How often do Ballet Hartford Dancers perform?

Dancers have the opportunity to perform in many main-stage productions, festivals, and outreach events. Please see our tickets and upcoming and/or performance history section on our website for a list of performances.

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