Pre-Professional Division

Pre-Professional Division
Ballet Hartford’s Pre-Professional Division is specifically designed for the serious-minded student with professional aspirations. This track requires participation in the full curriculum and is enriched by guest faculty and the ability to perform alongside Ballet Hartford throughout the calendar year. We believe that training interspersed with performances and choreographic opportunities cultivates a thorough introduction into the lifestyle of a professional dancer. Our faculty and curriculum work together to create a well-rounded technician, artist, and human in an encouraging, competitive, and nurturing environment.

Semester 1 

August 30th- December 18th, 2021

Hours per week

Semester 1

Semester 1 Tuition 


15 weeks



Payment Plan Information

Please make checks out to Ballet Hartford

Due Date


August 30th, 2021


+ Annual Registration of $40


November 1st, 2021


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